I'm Luis a Software Engineer from the Los Angeles area with of experience working as a Full Stack Web Developer who understands how to translate a client’s needs into a straightforward software design that adheres to code convention standards, unit testing, and extensive documentation.


I enjoy building web applications, REST APIs, and everything in between.


I excel at teaching and mentoring young developers.

Project Manager

I am capable of leading projects from their inception to completion.

Projects I Have Contributed To

Landing page image of CalStatePays.


Earnings Data Comparison Tool.

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Get to know CSUN's unique Faculty.

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Single Page Web Application portfolio.

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META+LAB Website

Learn more about META+LAB.

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Showcasing CSUN's Faculty projects, research & expertise.

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Web Services

Expanding our Collaboration.

If you would like to know more about me or are interested in collaborating, feel free and reach out!