The CSUN META+LAB website was built by META+LAB and highlights what the department is all about. At a glance visitors can see META+LAB's purpose, what the student vetting process is, the different projects that META+LAB was commissioned to build, and information on how to join.


The main challenge for the current version of the website was to transition out of the previous tech stack and into our current tech stack. The previous version of the website was a WordPress install being hosted on our own infrastructure. The decision was made to modernize this as well as to apply our skill set in our web stack in order to highlight our skills. Migrating the existing database data from WordPress was not required and only the images were migrated over.

Lessons Learned

Since this was an internal application, it served as a playground for us to show-off our skills. We experimented with various AWS features such as CDN creation, S3 storage, image compression techniques, and scheduling the server hosting the website to be destroyed and re-deployed which served as great preparation for our CI/CD pipeline.

Tech Stack

The application is written in Laravel, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The application is being hosted on AWS and a CDN was created to serve the stylesheets, javascript, and images to speed up application response. Employing these techniques was an exercise to illustrate our skill growth.


The following is a list of the various roles that I assumed during the development of this project: