Working at META+LAB

META LAB photo


I had the opportunity to work at CSUN META+LAB, a university ran tech start-up located in Northridge, California for my senior year internship. This was an amazing experience where I was able to work alongside other interns as well as experienced staff Developers and staff Designers to build multiple powerful client facing products.

Throughout my time there, I was challenged in my skills and walked away as a much more refined person and developer.

Goal of Internship

Prior to joining META+LAB my personal goals were to learn back end web development, learn what it took to work as a team to deliver a product, and gain some valuable job experience.

At the time, the only work experience I could count on was provided through my coursework and any technical skill that I learned on my own. A few of these skills were being comfortable in the command line as well as having a basic understanding of Git and the GitHub Flow workflow.

Personal Challenges and Growth

During my time at META+LAB I learned and grew a lot both as a person and as a developer. On top of meeting and exceeding my internship goals, I also saw first hand what it took to run a start-up. From juggling the different roles, to setting and following coding standards and best practices, constantly redefining the standards and best practices, as well as seeing first hand what it meant to adhere to the SCRUM methodology.

Having to learn the technology stack as well as the software development methodology forced me to grow rapidly.

My Contributions

The following are just samples of the work I helped create during my time at META+LAB:


My experience at META+LAB will be something I will take with me forever, and I want to thank everyone who was a part of META+LAB for the time they took teaching me so many new lessons, taking a chance on me to lead various teams, as well as providing such an amazing work experience.