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I had the opportunity to work at CSUN META+LAB, a university ran tech start-up located in Northridge, California for my senior year internship. This was an amazing experience where I was able to work alongside other interns as well as experienced staff Developers and staff Designers to build multiple powerful client facing products.

My tenure at META+LAB not only tested my skills but also honed them, allowing me to emerge as a more evolved individual and developer.

Goal of Internship

Before joining META+LAB I aimed to:

Back then, my work experience was limited to my academic coursework and self-taught technical skills. Among these were proficiency in the command line and a foundational understanding of Git, including the GitHub Flow workflow.

Personal Challenges and Growth

At META+LAB, my personal and professional growth trajectories soared. Apart from fulfilling my initial internship objectives, I gleaned insights into the intricacies of operating a start-up. This ranged from assuming multifaceted roles, adhering to coding standards and best practices, to continuously refining those standards. Additionally, I gained a firsthand perspective on implementing the SCRUM methodology.

The imperative of acquainting myself with the technology stack and the software development approach propelled my rapid advancement.

My Contributions

Here are some projects I had the opportunity to contribute to during my stint at META+LAB:


My journey at META+LAB has etched an indelible mark on my professional canvas. I'm profoundly grateful to the entire META+LAB team for their unwavering guidance, entrusting me with leadership roles, and offering an unparalleled work experience.